Embark workshops at Higher Trevaster Farm

As part of the ‘Embark’ exhibition programme onboard the King Harry Ferry on the River Fal, FOTONOW’s Embark curators Charlotte Williams and Anna Cattermole have arranged workshops by local artists for primary school children. I was lucky enough to be asked to run a couple of these and the first one was yesterday: amazingly we had sunshine after days of rain, which made it a really pleasant experience to be working outdoors! The children were Year 5 and focused extremely well on a range of tasks including classification of leaves, drawing and painting. We made ‘Mega-Drawings’ and ‘Mega-Paintings’ by placing found natural objects on an OHP and enlarging them onto the wall – this was great for creating collaborative work, as several children could work on one drawing easily. The farm was the perfect location for a day out of the classroom for these kids – rolling countryside, friendly cows and woods, surrounded by the curves of the river.