‘A Game of Consequences’ Opening Event Invitation for Friday 4 September 2015

Falmouth School of Art

GameOfConsequences   © Fiona Leus Lambert

This exhibition is a culmination of an eight month long project including twenty artists. It is inspired by the surrealist game ‘Exquisite Corpse’ and the parlour game ‘Consequences’ and has culminated in an exhibition opening on 5th September with an ‘unveiling’ event on 4th September from 6pm – 8pm (all are welcome) at The Engine Room, Exchange Gallery, Penzance.

The list of artists includes several recent Falmouth alumni – Stacey Guthrie, Christina Romero Cross, Meg O Doherty, Frances Walsh and Camilla Stacey.

Guthrie, who was recipient of the British Women Artist Prize in 2013 said, ‘It quickly became apparent that the ‘game’ was providing a snapshot of what it is to be an artist at this time. Issues of etiquette, authorship and collective ownership of creative outcomes all came to the fore as artists had no guarantee that their work would survive or…

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